• Breakfast in Newark. Lunch in Greenpoint? NO PROBLEM

  • Lunch for 250. Director won’t eat anything with a face? Absolutely.

  • Vegan talent from LA but crew from NYC? That’s our job!

  • We’re your chefs and it’s our job to provide the best in food & service

700_starstrucklogo_colorStarstruck Catering offers menus from around the world. Our dishes are prepared by dedicated chefs who truly care about the satisfaction of cast and crew. Starstruck Catering has a fleet of well maintained catering trucks and equipment.

We are your chefs and it is our job to provide the very best in food and service.

We all have the same ingredients on the truck; it’s what you do with them that counts.

-- Jonathan Forgash | Starstruck Catering Owner --

What our Clients say

  • Shooting a TV season can seem like a marathon.  It’s important to have good fuel along the way. Starstruck is a pleasure to work with and is not afraid of trying new menu ideas. This keeps the crew happy from the first sprint to the final push over the finish line.

    Margo Myers | Producer, White Collar
  • The first time I hired Jonathan Forgash, we spoke while he was at the Farmers Market.  I required catering for a vegetarian A-list client. Jonathan gave me a rundown of what was in season and rattled off a few inspired dishes.  That’s when I thought: this is my guy.

    Scott Robinson | Executive Producer
  • StarStruck was recommended to me by another production manager and I was not disappointed. Jonathan and his crew were very accommodating while providing an amazing food menu. It is always about keeping the crew happy and StarStruck impressed for sure!

    John Fedynich | UPM
  • The food is always delicious, varied and creative.  With over twenty years in the industry I can safely say that I have never received so many compliments on catering as when Starstruck is providing the consistently excellent service that I have enjoyed for the last three years.

    Andrew Saxe | UPM, The Americans

A Few Clients

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